FREE Pre-departure Services

Mahavir Consulting is happy to be associated with AEIP(Active Engagement & Integration Project) to provide you assistance to facilitate a smooth transition for our clients moving to Canada.
AEIP ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT & INTEGRATION PROJECT Active Engagement and Integration Project (AEIP) offers in-person direct services at service centers located in China, South Korea and Taiwan. In addition, outreach services are delivered to clients in the USA and other countries in Asia (Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam).
With a vision to facilitate a smooth transition for individuals moving to Canada, AEIP provides FREE pre-departure guidance that connects immigrants to Canadian labour market and communities prior to their departure.
Eligible clients include those selected to become Permanent Residents of Canada by IRCC or pending completion of medical security and criminal verification.

Project Activities

Pre-departure Orientation: Provides “Life in Canada” workshops, covering topics such as Canadian history, culture and systems
Outreach Orientation Workshops: Areas include USA and multiple Asian countries
Themed Workshops: Focuses on employment, education, transportation, health care systems and more
Individual and Family Consultation: Provides settlement and employment support
Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR): Offers employment and FCR consultation
Post-landing Connection in Canada: Assists clients through the pre-landing and post-landing integration process
Community Connections: Refers clients to community services available in different provinces across Canada
Virtual Resource Center: Includes online one-on-one support, webinars, forums & more
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