What Really Is The Best Way To Make Most Of Your CA Final Failed Attempt?

    What Really Is The Best Way To Make Most Of Your CA Final Failed Attempt?

    Are you tired of failing your final CA examinations? Don’t really know what to do next? Don’t Worry

    Canada has decided to take about 1 million immigrants by the year 2021. Currently, Canada is one of the most popular countries for Immigrants, they are inviting young, energetic, educated (CA Intern/IPCC & CA graduates) individuals /families to make Canada their new home.

    We at Mahavir Consulting provide crystal clear, point-to-point, handheld guidance to help them achieve their immigration goals to Canada. If you want to earn 5X more income then you currently do, get a world-class education, free medical so that you and your family get a better quality of life without sacrificing your work-life balance, then you are at the right place.

    Once you become a Permanent Resident of Canada you are entitled to the following benefits:

    Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) – For families with children under the age of 18 who are considered to have a low-income, the Canadian government provides monthly tax-free payments to help cover expenses.

    Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, and Canada Pension Plan – All three of these programs are designed to provide financial support to workers after they reach retirement age – currently age 65. To be eligible, you have to meet specific residency requirements and to have contributed to the system by paying taxes in Canada. However, most permanent residents will qualify for at least partial payments from these programs.

    Universal health care – Most necessary medical expenses are covered through the Canadian universal health care program. These expenses include visits to emergency room, immunizations, yearly exams, etc.

    Free education – All children under 18 are entitled to free education in the Canadian public school system.

    Maternity and parental leave – In Canada, working parents are given time off when a new baby is born or adopted. Women can take up to 12 months of maternity leave and receive 50 to 65% of their normal income. Partially paid parental leave is also available for up to 35 weeks. One parent can take all 35 weeks or both parents can split the allotment of time (i. e. one parent takes 20 weeks while the other takes 15 weeks). To be eligible for parental leave, you must have worked in Canada for at least 600 hours.

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