Every year, over 35 million people come to Canada on a Canada tourist visa/ Canada business visa/Canada visitor visa. Some travel for leisure, others to visit family or for business proposes- all these are temporary resident visa. Whatever your reason is, you may require the proper documentation to enter Canada. If you come from a country, which is considered to be visa exempt, you may not require a Canada visitor visa (temporary resident visa). However, those who do not come from visa exempt countries will need to first obtain this visa before they can even board a plane to Canada.

In Order To Qualify For Canadian Visitor Visa/ Canada Travel Visa You Must:

Satisfy an officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay,
Show that you have enough money to maintain yourself and your family members in Canada and to return home,
Not intend to work or study in Canada unless authorized to do so,
Be law abiding and have no record of criminal activity,
Not be a risk to the security of Canada,
Provide any additional document requested by the officer to establish your admissibility, and
Be in good health (complete a medical examination if required).


Obtaining a Canadian visitor visa/Canada travel visa or temporary resident visa (TRV) is often easier said than done. Due to the fact that many people take advantage of these visas and overstay their authorized period of time in Canada, immigration officers scrutinize such applications. You will need to, above all else, prove that you have strong and sufficient ties to your home country to convince an officer that you will leave Canada after your visa expire. Beyond this, you will need to also demonstrate your intended temporary purpose in Canada.

A Temporary Resident (Visitor) Visa is not as straightforward as it appears; many clients come to us after they have already been refused on their own application. Not to worry, Yesh N Shah a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, has a wealth of experience in dealing with such matters.

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